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Welcome to my web site, or rather the n'th incarnation of it! As usual, it is a work in progress. Now more a test site

First things first. Who or what is 'kastri' you may ask?  It is the name of a very small village in southern Crete, (written  καστρι in Greek) which I and some fellow travellers happened upon in 1990. It is a very special place and one that became a sort of spiritual home to me, a home from which I have subsequently ventured far and wide throughout Crete and to other parts and islands of the Hellenic world. It is responsible for my interest (obsession ?) with most things Greek, and in particular, part of it's relatively recent history.

A good friend and travelling companion once wrote to me and added the word 'kastri' to my address  - and I thought why not and 'kastri' has been the name of my homes since then. A website of that name, and associated email address had to follow.

The early kastri websites gradually filled up with all sorts of odds and sods about Crete and, in particular, about a developing interest in the abduction, by Paddy Leigh Fermor, Billy Moss and a number of Cretan andartes (resistance fighters), of General Heinrich Kreipe on 26th April 1944. The tale of the arrival in Crete of Leigh Fermor and later Moss and some of the andartes, the planning of the abduction, the abduction and then the difficult trek across the island whilst evading troops searching for them prior to their eventual evacuation from the island on 14th May 1944, is now well known thanks to the book Ill Met By Moonlight by Billy Moss, and the film of the same name  by Michael Powell and Eric Pressburger.

The information about the Kreipe abduction grew and grew and over time I made many contacts who were either connected with the events, or who shared my interest in it. Eventually the content was moved to it's own website www.illmetbymoonlight.info . The interest remains as great as ever with a core group of about fifteen to twenty people working on different aspects of getting the facts behind the operation, and distinguishing as far as possible, between facts and the fiction some choose to apply to the story (as if it isn't a good enough in its original form!)

One of many spin off's has been an interest in, and the privilege of becoming a member of,  the UK Crete Veterans and Friends Society. I am pleased to be able to set up a website for the society at www.creteveterans.org.uk.

A moment's reflection recently led to the realisation that I was collecting, as a by product of my main research,  a lot of material to do with the Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.). (Paddy Leigh Fermor and Billy Moss were members) and, wanting to draw some of that material together led me to buy another domain and start another 'work in progress'. This time I chose a site based on the words of Winston Churchill when he set out the objective of the S.O.E. in July 1940. Hence the web site www.set-europe-ablaze.co.uk

This page was last updated on 24/03/2014

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